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CBT Style & Leather Male Chastity Devices

Kali’s Teeth

Kali’s Teeth is available in both a beginner and an advanced model, uniting male chastity with cock torture. Both devices feature a steel shackle lined with inward-facing points for a decidedly wicked form of sexual denial. The beginner model is lined with eight such spikes, while the advanced model boasts an impressive 36 spikes. The device is mounted around the shaft before erection, tightening as the penis becomes hard preventing full erection in the wearer. Kali’s Teeth is made of a high-quality carbon steel and coated with clear polyurethane gloss. The smaller set has a diameter of 1 3/4”, though this is closer to 1 3/8” including the spikes The device is 1” wide and weighs about six-and-a-half ounces. The larger model also has the same interior diameter, being two inches wide and weighing nine ounces. The spikes on the advanced teeth are of three lengths -- 1/4", 3/8” and 1/2”.

Locking Kali's Teeth CBT Device
Kali's Teeth
Kalis Teeth open

Kali's Teeth Beginner

Cock Crimper

The Cock Crimper is a deceptively simple but incredibly cruel device made of hand-crafted hammered brass. Two rings fold the penis in half against the wearer’s body, preventing erection entirely. The device is designed for short-term wear only. The larger ring is 1.5” around and fits around the base of the penis. The smaller ring is 1.25” inches around and locks around the head.

Gates of Hell

“Gates of Hell” refers to a number of different models of male chastity devices that come in both metal and rubber as well as 5-ring Gates of Hell and 7-ring Gates of Hell. These devices tightly contain the penis with a series of rings. The first ring will fit around the base of the balls while subsequent rings get smaller, keeping the penis tightly confined. Gates of hell rings vary from 1 1/4” to 2” in diameter, with lengths of three or four inches.

The Spike Cage

Similar to Kali’s Teeth, the Spike Cage is a sheath that runs the length of the penis. The stainless steel cock cage combines the best of chastity with the worst of cock-and-ball torture. A handcuff-style mechanism locks down the balls, while a series of seven spiked rings encases the shaft. The tip curves arounwd the head of the wearer’s cock and includes several spikes of its own.
Size Info:

Penis Prison With Pin-Prick Lining

The Penis Prison appears from the outside to be a simple leather pouch that contains the penis. Your sissy slave will be under no such illusions, however, as the tack-lined device tortures his penis. All told, 190 pin pricks approximately 1/2” long scratch and prick the skin of the penis like so many little thorns, but do not penetrate the skin without a very firm slap or squeeze... or in the event of erection. The penis prison is a one-size-fits-most size.


Sometimes a mere cage around the cock isn’t enough. Really want to put that penis on lockdown. For those occasions there is the harness, available in a number of styles. Generally made of high-quality leather, harnesses typically either entirely encase the cock in a pouch or use a series of straps to tie the penis down. Options include attachments that allow you to put an anal plug in your submissive as well as lock down his cock.