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Metal Male Chastity Devices

The Brig

The Brig is a device exclusivse to Los Angeles’ Stockroom. This stainless steel device has a simple and functional design centered around a 4 1/4” cock sleeve. The device curves down sharply for public discretion, ending in an eight-spike dome. The cage attaches the base using three steel pins, one permanent and a third for the lock.

The Penistentiary

The Penistentiary is another Stockroom exclusive. It is nearly identical to the Brig, except that it lacks spikes on the dome at the end. It has the same size stats as the Brig.

The Houdini

The Houdini is a stylish male chastity device composed of a stainless steel tube-and-handcuff set. The tube encloses the penis while the cuff locks around the balls and base of the penis. The glans of the penis is exposed at the end of the tube. The Houdini is available in a number of sized based on both width and girth. The inside diameter of the smaller tube is 1 1/4” while the larger tube measures 1 3/8". Lengths for each Houdini are 3" and 3¼", respectively.

The Houdini Harness

Sold separately, the Houdini Harness is made of top-quality black leather, including a 2” wide adjustable band that locks and a g-string-style leather strap in back. The g-string back strap is 3/4” wide.

The Spike Cage

Similar to Kali’s Teeth, the Spike Cage is a sheath that runs the length of the penis. The stainless steel cock cage combines the best of chastity with the worst of cock-and-ball torture. A handcuff-style mechanism locks down the balls, while a series of seven spiked rings encases the shaft. The tip curves around the head of the wearer’s cock and includes several spikes of its own.
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Spikes Cage