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Picture Galleries of Chastity & Bondage in Chastity Gear.
Kyla Cole Gallery

Chastity play isn’t just for binding the male genitals. You can also torment females in a similar manner. The devices you will have to use are, of course, far different than the ones that you would use on a male, owing to the vastly different equipment involved.

As stated above, female chastity belts seem to largely be a product of Victorian and Freudian fantasy than anything based in historical reality. While apocryphal stories exist, such as the Bellifortis sketch by Konrad Kyeser von Eichstätt or tales about Catherine de Medici, there is no anthropological evidence to support the existence of chastity belts before the 19th Century.
There are a number of devices for the purpose of preventing sexual arousal in female subjects.

Delux and Locking w/ Thigh Cuffs Chastity Belt
Kyla Cole Delux Chastity
Ryan Keely Nude Chastity w/ thigh cuffs

Strap-In Chastity Harness

The Strap-In Chastity Harness is the most basic model of female chastity device. It will keep the female partner locked down tight with a leather strap that runs the entire length of the crotch. A deceptively simple device, it allows you to strap a dildo into your partner both anally and vaginally. You can adjust the device vertically and horizontally to get the right fit. The device requires two locks that are not included in the price. The small size fits between a 26” and 30” waist, the medium is for ladies with a waist between 27.5” and 32” and the large fits between 31 and 36.5” waist. You can have a larger size made special at an additional charge.

Deluxe Locking Chastity Belt

You can take female chastity to the next level with the deluxe locking chastity belt and Pink Delux. This includes a flared piece between the legs in an hourglass shape that provides greater coverage for the back and front. It also narrows between the legs to fit well with the female body’s shape. This adjustable belt fits women in waist sizes between 23” and 40”. The crotch size adjusts between 25” and 38.5” This belt locks in four positions, however the locks must be purchased separately. You can also get the belt in the more ladylike color of pink.

Locking Chastity Belt With Thigh Straps

This is a leather chastity belt that includes a waist belt, as well as a second belt that flares out into a womanly hourglass shape for maximum coverage and comfort. Additionally, the device includes thigh harnesses that attach to a thick strip of leather connected at the crotch. You can adjust all straps. Five locks are needed to


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