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History of Chastity Devices

The chastity device has a long and often complicated and obscure history. Some claim that medieval noblewomen like Catherine de Medici wore belts to ensure that they remained faithful to their husbands. Our modern idea of what a chastity belt is seems to be largely fiction. The Victorian and Edwardian period gives us the first documented use of chastity belts. These were anti-masturbation devices that continued to be manufactured in the 20th Century, with the U.S. Patent Office receiving applications until the late 1930s.

No one can say with any certainty when chastity devices began being used as BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism) toys. The extensive market for chastity devices points to a widespread, but quiet popularity of these plastic, metal and leather devices that confine the penis. You can use the devices for a number of purposes, including domination, control and humiliation. A submissive male dreams of his orgasms and penis under the domination of his partner, no matter how torturous the results. The dominant partner will certainly revel in this intimate form of control, as well as the total torture of an orgasm kept under wraps. For the non-fetishist, the device has other uses. An unfaithful partner can be kept in line with a locking chastity device.

Chastity Device Uses

For the fetishist, there are a number of ways to use a chastity device. You can purchase devices with locks, letting the key holder decide when to unlock the penis -- and when to keep it under wraps. Devices come in plastic and metal, each of which has different levels of comfort (and discomfort) for the wearer. Other options for male chastity include ties, ropes and binding tools for the purpose of binding the cock and balls. The cock ring, a staple of any BDSM tool kit, and its more elaborate variations are a sort of chastity device as well.
Male chastity can be taken to extremes with a chastity piercing. You can do a chastity piercing a variety of different ways. A Prince Albert or frenulum piercing can be positions to prevent penetration with a simple padlock. Connect the PA to a guiche piercing and an erection can be prevented entirely. These piercings make the chastity device a part of the body.

The devices are constructed from a variety of different materials. The basic mechanics of the device remain the same regardless of what it is made out of.  One piece encases the penis in metal, rubber, plastic or leather. Another piece will attach the base of the penis, often fitting around the scrotum, squeezing the balls. A padlock is a common attachment for connecting the two together. Disposable plastic locks can be purchased for those going through things like security checkpoints.

Alternative Uses

The chastity device for men does not have to be used as a sexual toy. There are some alternative uses for the device that have nothing to do with BDSM.
An unfaithful partner can be kept in line with a chastity device. Many devices are tamper proof while others are tamper evident. This means that even if the chastised partner can free himself from the device, the partner in control will know that the device has been tampered with.
Similarly, the chronic masturbator can use the tool either alone or in tandem with a sponsor. The key holder will be in possession of the wearer’s freedom. The chronic masturbator and sponsor can work out a system of control and release to help the masturbator keep his habit under control.

One exotic use of a chastity device for BDSM is electrical play. You can use a chastity device made out of metal to conduct electricity to the wearer’s penis. Further, you can also transmit heat or cold through metal chastity devices for temperature play.

Chastity play aftercare

There is more to aftercare than just treating injuries sustained during a BDSM session. Indeed, the term “aftercare” has a special significance to those involved in the BDSM subculture. One of the main reasons for this is to avoid the phenomenon known as “subdrop.” This is when a submissive comes down with symptoms resembling a cold or the flu. Barring subdrop, an intense BDSM session can be very emotionally and physically exhausting and it is often advisable to ease back into one’s regular life rather than leaping back in.
Aftercare can mean many things. It can mean a frank discussion of how different acts made both partners feel. Aftercare also often includes practices like kissing, hair-stroking, hugging, cuddling or verbal statements of gratitude, praise and affirmation of the emotional bond shared by both practitioners. Sometimes a session is ended by having a round of “vanilla” sex to ground both partners.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are shopping for a cock lock there are two things to pay special attention to:

Cleaning and Care

When you purchase a cock cage you should immediately consider whether or not it can be worn while in the shower. You should also research how to clean it. Lubricants should be applied to the penis after a shower for the purpose of preventing chafing. Never use silicone lubricants on toys made of silicone. It will literally melt the toy.
Cleaning chastity devices for men is merely a matter of knowing how to clean the material that it is made out of.

Silicone and plastic devices can be cleaned with regular soap and water. Silicone can be disinfected with ten minutes in boiling water, while plastic can be disinfected with alcohol. Stainless steel should be cleaned by boiling and disinfected using a bleach-and-water solution or alcohol. Sterilizing devices usually requires highly specialized equipment like an autoclave or exotic gluteraldehyde-based chemical agents of the type used to sterilize medical instruments.


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