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Male Chastity Devices

History of Chastity Devices

Arpad Miklos in Hoodini Harness Male Chastity Device.

Within the realm of fetish there are a variety of applications for the chastity device. The devices are available with actual locks, allowing the key-holder to exercise total control over the wearer’s penis, leaving the chaste man with none. You can purchase such devices in both metal and plastic, for the added comfort (or discomfort) of the wearer. On the other end of the spectrum, there are ties, ropes and other binding tools that you can use to keep your partner’s penis bound.

New Device Update - Mike’s Spikes™

Mike’s Spikes™ in New Products.
Mikes Spikes CBT and Chastity

Brainchild of Stockrooms president "mike" This New and un usual piece is extremely functional as it can be used either as a CBT device – similar to Kali's Teeth – or a ball stretcher depending on how far you screw in the spikes.

The highly polished Stainless steel interior of the locking cylinder is covered with adjustable sharp (optional) or blunt-tipped allen screws, or you canb mix and match them to create all kinds of interesting effects! The screws can be removed entirely, and the device locked if you simply wish to wear it as a ball stretcher. The extra sharp spikes are available as a deluxe option in the drop-down menu, as a replacement for the included blunt spikes.

Mike’s Spikes™ also makes an effective male chastity device, securing the shaft in its steel grip, making escape impossible. You can lock the device with a Small Brass Master Lock to ensure obedience, or just to tease to your heart's content!

Product Details:

 • Interior Diameter: 1.76in/45mm

 • Screw Length: 0.6in/15mm

 • Height: 1.5in/38mm

Safety, Care, and Usage:

Clean with mild antibacterial soap and warm water after each use. Allow spikes and device to air dry. Please note that this product does not come with an allen wrench. The spikes can be unscrewed by hand when the device is not attached.


Male Chastity Device Guide and alternate applications

The male chastity device can be taken to its greatest extreme with the chastity piercing. This piercing can be done several ways. For example, a modified Prince Albert and / or frenulum piercing can prevent penetration with a lock. The guiche piercing connected to a Prince Albert can prevent erection entirely. These types of piercings can make the chastity device literally a part of the body.

Locking Metal and Plastic Chastity Device examples

Male chastity devices are made of a number of materials, however, the basic operation is the same no matter what type of device you have. There is generally a piece that fits around the penis itself, encasing the male sexual organ in metal, plastic, rubber or other materials. A second piece fits at the base of the penis, sometimes fitting around the back of the scrotum for added torment. A small padlock attaches the two pieces together. You can also purchase disposable plastic locks. These are one-time use locks that will let you know whether or not the bound male has been attempting to tamper with his chastity device.

Anal Chastity

Right now there is the NEW Ultimate AssLock Anal Chastity Device


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